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With three decades of experience under our belts, we've completed a range of projects and hauled millions of gallons of sludge. We continually update our equipment and adjust to the needs of each project.

Recent Projects

• Cleaned 42 million gallons of sludge from a lagoon and a land applied in three different locations. Completed in three weeks with one applicator.

• Removed 12 thousand dry tons (equal to 18 million gallons) from a Waste Water Treatment Plant and land applied in seven locations. Completed in 60 work days.

• Removed 15 thousand cubic yards of sludge from a Water Treatment Plant residual pond with a floating dredge, allowing the plant to stay online.

To request a more detailed list of our experience, Contact Us.

What We Do

• Clean digesters

• Clarifiers

• Lagoons

• Holding Tanks

•Aeration Basins

• Wet Walls

• Cake Sludge

• Lime Removal 


We specialize in Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, and liquid and dry land applications.


Very experienced and professional operation. Highly recommend!


Very experienced people!

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