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When it comes to removing sludge, we've got your whole process covered. From the lagoon to the field, Hodges Farms and Dredging is equipped to take care of the dirty work.

Sludge Removal

We remove large quantities of sludge in a timely fashion. We clean lagoons, aeration basins, sludge ponds, digesters, and water treatment lime ponds. If a lagoon needs to remain in operation during cleaning, we have the ability to do so.

Sludge & Soil Testing

We send sludge and soil samples to certified labs to test for the levels of metals and nutrients. We then send the results to our agronomist who helps us determine application rates according to the crops' needs and farmers' desires.

Land Application

After we have removed the sludge, tested it, and received results, we transport it to nearby farm ground and apply it. We can surface apply or surface inject it. We do all land application according to 503 regulations.

Our Equipment

(1) Nuhn Lagoon Crawler 

(1) 80' Long Reach Excavator

(3) Dozer with 60' and 40' push pipe

(1) Floating Dredge

(7) Pump Tractors with 220hp or more

(9) Four Wheel Drive Tractors with front assist, Flotation Tires 425hp

(8) Self Loading Vac Tanks with Flotation Tires, grinder pumps, and injectors-- 7500 and 8500 gallon capacity

(8) Eight Inch Load Outs (two are double)

(4) Eight Inch Lagoon Pumps 52'

(4) Eight Inch Booster Pumps

(2) Industrial Air Compressors

(30) 7500 Gallon Sealed Transport Tankers and Service Trucks

(1) 100' Boom Truck

(10) Semi Trucks

(5) Cake Manure Spreader

(3) Loader Tractor

(2) Skid Loader

(2) End Dump Semi Trailer

(1) Telehandler

(3) 6" Hydraulic Pump

(2) 12 Inch Lagoon Pumps

+ Other supporting equipment (hoses, fittings, etc.)

How We Bid A Project

The price of sludge removal, transportation, and land application is influenced by many factors.

• the amount of sludge to be removed

• the configuration of removal site

• the removal process

• the distance between site and application site

• the number of days on site

• the timing

To get a free quote specific to your project, Contact Us.

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